Hee-Jong Seo, Former BCCP Postdoc


My research interests are in high precision cosmology with large scale structure. I have studied analytically and numerically the performance of the BAO in large galaxy surveys as a dark energy probe. I also worked on the evolution of galaxy clustering and halo occupation distribution, using dissipationless N-body simulations. My recent research have aimed at extending my previous work as well as expanding to observational and experimental studies and to weak lensing study: I have worked on nonlinear effects on BAO in depth with various high-resolution simulations, the effect of galaxy bias and redshift distortions on BAO, a feasibility of a BAO survey in radio bands, and combining BAO with SN data from SDSS. The ongoing projects are 1. measuring the power spectrum of cosmic shear from SDSS Stripe 82 2. re-capturing more cosmic information by Gaussianizing the convergence field 3. deriving a BAO constraint from the SDSS III imaging data. Hee-Jong Seo started at The Astrophysical Institute, Ohio University in 2014. Dept. of Physics Physics Research Bldg., 191 West Woodruff Ave. Columbus, OH 43210 seo.207@osu.edu