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The BCCP Partner Fund


Unlocking the mysteries of the universe is an exciting scientific challenge. How will we succeed? With visionary funders who understand the magnitude of the moment and are willing to make an investment in the future of science. As a heroic partner with the BCCP, we can illuminate the infrastructure of the universe and help nurture the next generation of promising scientists.

The very human desire to know, to understand, to be part of a grand intellectual journey is motivating a remarkable quest. The concentration of talent at the BCCP is dedicated to teaching as well as research. This creates a singular opportunity to involve today's educators in an equally heroic pursuit - engaging and inspiring the next generation of physicists, engineers, mathematicians, teachers, and citizen-scientists.

An investment in the BCCP is not only an investment in the future of cosmology. It also means creating a model of inquiry that can usher in a new era of 21st century science - with the utility and power to solve very complex problems. Having pioneered data analysis procedures for extremely large data sets, cosmological methodologies have great potential for many other data intensive fields - climate change being the most urgent. Cosmology research created an enormous impact on many disciplines - seeding advances in math, chemistry, engineering, physics, astronomy, astrophysics, particle physics, biology, and even theology and philosophy.

As the University embarks on the Campaign for Berkeley, BCCP's frontier research and education depends on private philanthropy from UCB alumni and friends, corporations, and foundations. Gifts to Berkeley play an essential role both in sustaining fundamental traditions of excellence and in moving the University forward decisively.

For more information, contact BCCP Administrative Officer Laura Fantone.