Using the Printer

We have a Color printer and a BW printer located in NCH 341.

To use the printers you must be connected to Eduroam, AirBears2, or wired network in 341.

If your connection is wired to another instituion via VPN, the printer won't work.

  • Color printer: 136 152 250 147 HP Color LaserJet M254dw
  • BW printer : 136 152 250 132 Brother HL-5450DN

(Add . to the address to make it proper ip addresses)

There is a web server on the https:// port. Add a CA exception to the browser in order to visit it.

To add the printer to your computer, type in the ip address into Windows / Linux / OSX's printer management wizard; usually in the 'address' or 'hostname' field.

If no driver is suggested, use Generic Postscript Printer (HP) or Generic PCL 6 (Brother)

If you find issues setting up the printers, talk to Yu Feng.