BCCP is actively involved in collecting, analyzing, and publicly releasing data sets that improve our understanding of the cosmos.

Cosmic Microwave Background Data

The South Pole Telescope data products are publicly available on NASA's Legacy Archive for Microwave Background Data (LAMBDA) website.

Large Scale Structure Data

Three-dimensional maps of the large scale structure as traced by galaxies are available from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey III Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey project. A final data release (DR12) is available and contains all spectra taken by the survey. Value-added data and random BOSS galaxy catalogs are available for the DR10 dataset (data model). More information on how to use these catalogs and produce your own large-scale structure samples is available in this tutorial. DR11 and DR12 datasets and code release are coming soon.

Supernovae Data: the "Union" compilation

This compilation of Type Ia supernova datasets is produced by the Supernova Cosmology Project. The latest release, "Union2.1", is an update of the "Union2" compilation. It now brings together data for 833 SNe, drawn from 19 datasets. Website