Berkeley Cosmology Code Index

Here we provide links and information on publicly available codes useful for the cosmology research community. Please send suggestions/additions/corrections by opening an issue on github or through our contact page.

Boltzmann codes for cosmological perturbations.

Boltzmann codes input cosmological parameters and return predictions the cosmic microwave background, the [non-]linear matter power spectrum, and possibly other observables as well.

  • camb
    • Online help: cosmocoffee
    • Language: Fortran 90
    • Dependencies: None
    • References: CAMB notes and the readme
    • Features:
      • CAMB sources "for number counts, lensing and dark-age 21cm power spectra, plus thermal history, perturbed recombination, CMB cross-correlations"
      • Integrated with CosmoMC for cosmological parameter estimation.
    • Notes: well-tested and widely used; can be difficult to modify.
    • Online help: github
    • Language: C with Python and C++ wrappers.
    • Dependencies: None
    • References: 8 papers; cite this paper at least.
    • Features:
      • ClassGAL: computes power spectrum and correlation function in linear perturbation theory with all relativistic corrections.
      • Integrated with Monte Python for cosmological parameter estimation.

Parameter Estimation Algorithms.

Cosmologists frequently estimate joint constraints on nuisance parameters and the cosmological parameters of interest. There are many algorithms in use to efficiently sample the parameter space; a non-exhaustive list focused on cosmology applications is provided here.

Parameter Estimation Cosmology Codes.