BCCP-Peking University Summer Student Visitor Program

The BCCP-Peking University Summer Student Visitor program aims to connect best undergraduate students of physics from Peking University with the research activities at the Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics (BCCP). BCCP is part of the physics department of the University of California, Berkeley. The center aims to understand the origin and evolution of the universe through a series of programs to define the observations, experiments, concepts, and simulations needed to answer the fundamental questions in cosmology. [See http://bccp.berkeley.edu for more information]

The visitor program hosts up to 3 visiting students each summer (dates are flexible) on the UC Berkeley main campus. We also encourage longer stays, such as one semester and a summer if appropriate arrangements on course work can be made. Advanced researcher (postdoc or above) will mentor the academic research of the student after acceptance. Funding may be available to partially or fully cover the living and visa expenses, depending on the student needs and availability of funding.

Two tracks are offered. The track assignment will be flexible according to the needs of the student and BCCP. Students must indicate in their application which track they are interested in (can be both).

Data Science track

The visitor will investigate techniques in statistics, machine learning and data science, and their applications to data analysis and related topics in physical sciences, including cosmology. The necessary mentorship on the topic will be provided.

Cosmology track

The visitor will conduct a research project on theoretical models, data analysis or computer simulations in cosmology.

In both tracks the results of the project will be an internal report or a publication. In the later case the student is expected to follow through the referee process until the final publication, which may last one year after the program.


  • Currently enrolled undergraduate student; at least one academic year, and no more than two years, before planned graduation (incoming junior and incoming senior); majoring in or focusing on physics or astronomy;
  • Language: fluent in English;
  • Excellent academic record is strongly preferred; Prior research experience and / or course project is desirable;
  • Adequate computing skills: data structures, comfortable with terminals and remote connections; data analysis with Python; some projects may require additional skills; prior HPC and GPU experience is a plus, but not required;
  • Physics: classical mechanics, thermal dynamics and modern physics; background knowledge of cosmology is beneficial, but not required.

Required Documents

  • Statement: a short essay describing your prior experience and motivation (1 page at most), written in English without outside / professional help;
  • Resume and a copy of transcripts; please indicate ranking in the class;
  • Letters of reference (at least one, up to three); must be from current or previous mentors (e.g. research or project advisors);

Due date

Please send the applications before Feburary 1st, 2019

For additional information, please contact Yu Feng [[email protected] Chinese/English] or Uros Seljak [[email protected] English]

Please send applications to: [email protected]




科研项目大致分为以下两类。学生需在申请时注明感兴趣的方向(可以多选)。BCCP 会根据学生和项目运行的需求进行调整。




研究一个宇宙学课题:发展理论模型,进行数据分析,或者编写模拟程序。 学生需在交流项目结束时提交一份研究进展报告或将结果发表为学术文章。如果是后者,学生在项目结束后需要参与审稿过程,包括修改文章,重新提交等。此过程历时可长达一年。


  • 在校大二及大三物理或天文专业学生。
  • 英语交流流利
  • 成绩优异;如已有研究经验为佳
  • 基本计算机能力:了解数据结构与算法;命令行环境和远程连接;Python数据分析。如已有超级计算和图形处理器的编程经验为佳。
  • 基本的物理学知识:理论力学;热力学;现代物理学;如已有宇宙学方面的知识为佳。


  • 个人自述:一页以内个人自述。内容可以是总结一下学习工作的经验,展望一下自己未来的计划。请独立完成。
  • 简历,成绩单,和年级排名。
  • 一封导师推荐信;需来自有经验的科研或着学术导师。(请不要超过三封)



咨询或请联系冯雨 [email protected] (中英文) 或者 Uros Seljak [email protected] (英文)

申请材料请递交到 [email protected]