Airports serving the area are located in Venice (Marco Polo), Treviso, Trieste and Ljubljana.

There will be hotel shuttles from/to Venice Marco Polo and Gorizia train station. The driver will have a big sign for VILA VIPOLŽE and VIPOLŽE CONFERENCE. The airport is small and the driver will wait at the arrivals gate with this sign. In case of changes or something special, please call +386 51 335 660, which will be available at all times.

Alternative shuttle service from local airports to Vila Vipolže can be booked through GOOPTI, but prices may vary.


The conference main venue is the renaissance villa Vipolže.

All the relevant information has been sent to the accepted participants.

Afternoon Activities

Sunday: due to different arrival times we do not organize any meals on Sunday. There are several excellent options: Marica restaurant in Šmartno, hotel SanMartin, Hotel Kozana, a wine bar in Šmartno etc. Ask for more options at your hotel.

From Monday to Friday the lunch will be at Vila Vipolze.

Monday: reception with food and drinks at the Vila Vipolže immediately after the last session. Return by bus around 9-9:30PM.

Tuesday: 4PM bus departure for Lokve, a nearby mountain resort. There will be a reception at 5PM, followed by a choice of several activities, such as easy hiking (3km, 1.5 hours), a visit to a local museum, minigolf and a very entertaining game called multigolf that is played with frisbee, ball etc. This will be followed by dinner at the resort. We will return to Brda at approximately 10:30PM.

Wednesday: immediately after the sessions we will walk 10 minutes to the vinotheque Convin. Convin is a play on the word confin, which means border in the local italian dialect. The place is literally on the border, and you will be able to eat and drink in Slovenia or Italy, or both at once. We will return by bus around 9:30PM.

Thursday: 2PM sharp departure for Škocjan caves, a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the two most famous cave systems in Slovenia (the other being Postojna). Both systems have been called the wonders of the world and are some of the greatest tourist attractions in Slovenia. The cave visit starts at 3:30PM. We have booked the long version, which includes a guided visit to the main cave, a visit to the second cave and a nature walk, for a total of 2.5 hours. The visit to the cave itself is 1.5 hours, so you can also just choose this and return back to the starting area. Beware that the temperature in the cave is 12 °C.

We depart Škocjan at 6:30PM sharp, our next stop is Tilia winery in Vipava Valley, one of the oldest wine making regions. We will have a tour of the winery. The food will be provided by the team of restaurant Podfarovž (Vipava), one of the best restaurants in the area (2 toques Gault-Millau), and accompanied by a wine selection of Tilia wines. We return to Brda at approximately 10:30PM.

Friday: we depart by bus after the conference ends for Višnjevik, a small village in Brda. We first visit Erzetic cellars, who make wine in amphoras. Next, we visit the Brda tower followed by a dinner at Mario restaurant in Gonjače, a walking distance from Šmartno.

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