Neutral hydrogen permeates the Universe and has already been exploited to great effect for cosmology with the Lyman-alpha forest. Upcoming experiments over the next decade, and beyond, promise to open new frontiers for cosmology traced by neutral hydrogen with both the Lyman-alpha forest and 21cm experiments targeting the post-reionization era.

This wealth of data should offer insight on a large number of cosmological questions and observables such as mapping the cosmic web, measuring neutrino masses, the effective number of relativistic species, running of the spectral index, and spatial curvature.

Please join us for a workshop on cosmology with neutral hydrogen at the Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics -- a perfect place to contemplate neutral hydrogen while enjoying Pacific views!

Where: UC Berkeley
When: January 11-13, 2017

The format of the workshop will be aimed at facilitating informal discussions. Topics will include post-reionization probes such as the Lyman-alpha forest, Lyman-alpha emitters and 21cm intensity mapping, with an emphasis on upcoming and future surveys.

Registration is limited to 50 participants. If you are planning to attend, please register here. There is no registration fee; please contact the organizers if you require an invitation letter for visa applications.