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There is usually no need for a car in Berkeley, and parking can be difficult, so we advise taking a taxi, airport shuttle, or the train from the airport. You can get to Berkeley from SFO directly via BART.

    1. It costs $8.65.

    2. You follow the signs to the BART terminal.

    3. Buy ticket from machine.

    4. Take BART towards the East Bay, best bet is Pittsburg/Bay Point line.

  1. Another route is to take a shuttle, like BayPorter.

    1. NOTE You can make online reservations, but you have to do it at least 48 hours ahead of time.

  2. Some more info is here: http://visitors.berkeley.edu/gethere/traveling.shtml


Hotel options in downtown Berkeley are listed  HERE

    1. Also a word of CAUTION -- some of the locations listed, like the Claremont and Marina Doubletree require a car. The Ramada Inn is rather far too.

    2. The Shattuck Plaza hotel is newly renovated. The French Hotel and the North Berkeley Bed and Breakfast are  about 15-20 min walk from the campus.

APRIL 17-19, 2013