APRIL 17-19, 2013

Local Organizing Committee: Oliver Zahn, Sudeep Das, Uros Seljak, Melissa Barclay

Scientific Organizing Committee: Oliver Zahn, Sudeep Das, Uros Seljak, Duncan Hanson, Kendrick Smith

Non-Gaussian statistics are rapidly becoming crucial cosmological tools.  The main aim of this workshop is s to bring together a broad spectrum of researchers studying various observables, and epochs.

The goal will be to share techniques for optimizing estimators and dealing with systematics associated with searches for primordial and non-primordial sources of non-Gaussianity.

Main topics to be covered include:


  1. BulletTheory of higher order statistics/estimators

  2. BulletAstrophysical and instrumental contaminants

  3. BulletMore...


  1. BulletPrimordial non-Gaussianity

  2. BulletGravitational Lensing of the CMB and Galaxies

  3. BulletNonlinear structure formation

  4. BulletMore...


  1. BulletCMB primary anisotropy -- temperature and polarization

  2. BulletCMB secondary anisotropy surveys

  3. BulletLarge Scale Structure surveys

  4. BulletSurveys of redshifted 21 cm

  5. BulletMore...


The deadline for application is March 15, 2013. There will be no registration fee -- coffee, snacks, and administrative costs will be covered by the Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics.

Please apply through this form, and indicate whether you would like to give a talk or a present a poster.


Conference rooms at UC Berkeley and LBNL -- details later.

Campus map:


The workshop has finished and was a complete success. Here is a photo of the day 3 participants:

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