r Berkeley Neutrino Cosmology


Registration and talks will take place in LeConte Hall on UC Berkeley Campus (click here for a map). Registration and talks on the first two days will happen in LeConte 375, while on the last day they will be in LeConte 325. The reception and dinner on Wed 22 will take place on the roof (6th floor) of New Campbell hall, next door to LeConte.


We are organizing a workshop on constraining and measuring the properties of neutrinos and other light particles using cosmological probes. The workshop will take place in Berkeley over the three days of June 22-24. In particular, we hope to focus on the prospect of measuring the neutrino mass scale with upcoming cosmological datasets, as well as tightly constraining the number of relativistic species. The workshop will cover the different methods for probing these parameters, discussing potential systematics in detail. It will also aim to increase the interaction between cosmologists in this field and particle physicists working on related topics.