Cosmología en la Playa / Cosmology on the Beach
Playa del Carmen, Mexico   January 11-15, 2010

Special Presentation


Public Talk:

George Smoot, Nobel Laureate
First Light, First Sound: Adventures in Contemporary Cosmology

Using our most advanced techniques we visit the very first lights and sounds in the early universe and find what it reveals about creation and the subsequent development of the universe.

This is followed by a music presentation inspired by sounds from the Universe. George Smoot, Nobel Prize-winning physicist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and University of California at Berkeley, used scientific measurements to demonstrate the Big Bang theory in 2006.


Special Music Presentation:

Mickey Hart, Grammy Winner and Grateful Dead percussionist
Rhythms of the Universe

Have you ever wondered what the planets, the stars and the universe might sound like? While working individually on very different careers, Mickey Hart and George Smoot have been wondering about the same question for years. Their mutual curiosity eventually brought them together in exploring this fascinating question.

Mickey Hart is the Grammy Award-winning percussionist for the popular American rock band The Grateful Dead. Hart has been working on converting light and electromagnetic waves collected throughout the universe into music that leads back to the sound of the Big Bang, the singular event 13.7 billion years ago that blew us into creation.

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Mickey Hart

Photo by John Werner