Essential Cosmology for the Next Generation 2011
Cosmología en la Playa / Cosmology on the Beach
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico   January 10-14, 2011


Course Lectures

Ed Bertschinger: Gravity on Cosmic Scales
1. Cosmological Perturbation Theory in GR (and Summary Notes)
2. Cosmological Perturbations in Other Metric Theories
3. Cosmological Scale Tests of Gravity

Alessandro Melchiorri: CMB Constraints on Fundamental Physics
1. Basic CMB and Parameters
2. Mostly Dark Energy
3. More Parameters

Mark Trodden: Particle Physics and Cosmology
1. The Baryon Asymmetry
2. Dark Matter
3. Acceleration, Gravity, and Extra Dimensions

Licia Verde: Statistical Methods in Cosmology
1. Probabilities and Inference
2. Monte Carlo Methods
3. Forecasting

Martin White: Non-linear Structure in the Universe
1. "Weak" Non-Linearity: Cosmological perturbation theory
2. Non-Linearity and Baryon Acoustic Oscillations
3. Strong Non-Linearity


Plenary Talks

Krzysztof Gorski: Early Astrophysics Results from Planck

Tonatiuh Matos: Problems and Alternatives to Lambda Cold Dark Matter

Jeffrey Peterson: 21-cm Intensity Mapping

George Smoot: Accelerating to the Singularity

Oliver Zahn: Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effects and CMB Lensing


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Contributed Talks


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