Essential Cosmology for the Next Generation 2014
Cosmología en la Playa / Cosmology on the Beach
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico   January 13-17, 2014


Course Lectures

Eric Feigelson: Statistical Methods for Cosmology

1. Introduction to Astrostatistics and R [video]
2. Multivariate Clustering & Classification with R [video]
3. Common Statistical Mistakes in the Astronomical Literature

   Downloading R (for Tuesday afternoon tutorial)
R script for Clustering and Classification (for Tuesday morning)
   Files for Tuesday afternoon tutorial: Kuhn_mixture_R.txt, Learning_R.txt, ngc6357.rflat.dat.txt

Gilbert Holder: CMB Polarization Cosmology

1. Overview of Primary CMB [video]
2. Primary and Secondary Anisotropies and Foregrounds
3. CMB Polarization Measurements

Daniel Holz: Gravitational Wave Cosmology

1. Introduction to Gravitational Waves [video]
2. Detecting Gravitational Waves
3. What We Might Learn from Gravitational Waves

David Schlegel: From Experiment to Cosmology

1. Maps of the Universe [video]
2. Sloan Digital Sky Surveys (SDSS) [video]
3. DESI and Future Spectroscopic Surveys


Plenary Talks

Vladimir Ávila: Controversies of LCDM on Small Scales [video]

Pedro Ferreira: Testing GR with Cosmology [video]

Alessandro Melchiorri: Constraining Fundamental Physics with Planck

Uros Seljak: Large Scale Structure of the Universe: Current Constraints and Future Challenges

Licia Verde: Planck and the Local Universe


Best Poster Winner:

Juan Carlos Hidalgo - Relativistic Contribution to LSS in LCDM



Contributed Talks


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