Monday Jan. 13  
Luis Ureña   Bose-Einstein condensation of gravitational bosons
Marcelo Salgado   The equation of state of geometric dark energy in f(R) cosmology
Gabriella Piccinelli   Effects of primordial magnetic fields on the inflaton potential
Elliott Nelson   Cosmic Variance from Superhorizon Mode Coupling
Irshad Mohammed   Baryonic effects in convergence power spectrum
Nuala McCullagh   Modeling the Nonlinear and Redshift-space Behavior of Baryon Acoustic Oscillations
Jorge Mastache   Bound Dark Matter: theoretical constructions, constraints and connections to observations
Jia Liu   The Impact of Magnification and Size Bias on Weak Lensing Power Spectrum and Peak Statistics
Tuesday Jan. 14  
Michele   Maggiore   Non-local massive gravity and dark energy
Gustavo Niz   Superluminality in scalar-tensor theories
Valentina Salvatelli   New constraints on interacting dark energy and modified gravity in light of Planck experiment results
Miguel Zumalacarregui   Islands of stability beyond the land of Horndeski
Thursday Jan. 16  
Andrea Marchini   Probing new physics in the dark sector with Planck
Najla Said   Constraints on Dark Radiation and Dark Energy
Christopher Wallis   Asymmetric beams in B-mode experiments
Amanda   Yoho   Testing Large-Angle CMB anomalies with temperature-lensing cross correlations
Friday Jan. 17  
Paul LaPlante   Reionization on Large Scales: The 21 cm power spectrum and light cone effect
Ivan  Lacerna   The low scatter of the stellar-to-halo mass relation
Johan     Samsing   A Cosmic Sling-Shot Mechanism
Caroline Heneka   How robust are SNIa data?
Alberto Doria   Weighing Clusters of Galaxies... from X-rays to Weak Lensing
Axel Buddendiek   Constraining Cosmology with Galaxy-Galaxy Lensing and Galaxy Clustering
Argelia Bernal   Testing the dark matter equation of state
Juan Barranco   Axion-photon conversion and gamma ray signals of dark matter