Name Surname Talk Title
Monday Jan. 10  
Joanne Cohn Cluster Environment Effects on Cluster Mass Observables
Alejandro Aviles Dark matter from dark energy-baryonic matter couplings
Marco Baldi N-body simulations of interacting dark energy models
Juan Barranco Constraints to scalar dark matter candidates from astrophysics
Argelia Bernal Bosonic gas as a Galactic Dark Matter Halo
Erminia Calabrese Future CMB constraints on Early Cold or Stressed Dark Energy
Adrian Pope Cosmological simulations on large, heterogeneous supercomputers
Wenjuan Fang Anisotropic Extinction Distortion to the Galaxy Correlation Function
Tuesday Jan. 11  
Claude-Andre Faucher-Giguere Ly-alpha emission from galaxy formation
Silvia Galli Constraining Fundamental Physics with the Cosmic Microwave Background.
Claudio Grillo Cosmology with Strong Gravitational Lensing
Juan Carlos Hidalgo Reheating through Primordial Black Hole in unification models
Fredrick High The South Pole Telescope
Luisa Jaime A robust approach to f(R) gravity
Marilena LoVerde Primordial non-Gaussianity in Large Scale Structure
Thursday Jan. 13  
Zarija Lukic Constraining Early Dark Energy with Galaxy Clusters
Mark Neyrinck Gaussianizing Away the Universe's Age Wrinkles
Dario Nez Testing dark matter halos using rotation curves and lensing
Stefania Pandolfi Inflation in a general reionization scenarios
Gabriela Piccinelli   Generation of magnetic fields in the early universe through charged vector bosons condensate  
Chanda Prescod-Weinstein Understanding Cosmic Acceleration as Quantum Gravity Phenomenology
Shun Saito 2D BAO constraints based on perturbation theory
Hee-Jong Seo BAO and Galaxy Bias
Friday Jan. 14  
Alessandra Silvestri Cosmological Tests of GR with Principal Component Analysis
Frank Daniel Steffen Cosmological Constraints on Supersymmetric Models
Amol Upadhye Experimental constraints on photon-dark energy couplings
Susana Valdez Study of the Schroedinger-Poisson system for applications in astrophysics and cosmology
Mariana Vargas Magana Redshift Distortions
Alexander Vikman Dark Matter of Dark Energy
Andrew Wetzel Evolution of galaxies in groups/clusters
Hao-Yi (Heidi) Wu Halo Assembly and the Physical Origin of Scatter in Cluster Mass Proxies