Essential Cosmology for the Next Generation
Cosmología en la Playa / Cosmology on the Beach

This page has general information about the Essential Cosmology for the Next Generation conference series.

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BCCP and the Advanced Institute for Cosmology (IAC) “Essential Cosmology For the Next Generation” annual school promotes a high level of intellectual exchange among young scientists and seasoned, frontier science researchers and is motivated by the need for astronomers and astrophysicists to remain informed of and understand the basis of advances in many interrelated fields.

Innovative, as well as efficient utilization of forthcoming large data sets require awareness of the broad science questions and latest developments. International cooperation is becoming standard and furthering this atmosphere is an important product of the conference. Perhaps most telling is the extremely positive assessment of the previous schools by the student and postdoc participants, spreading the news to the next generation of students while themselves progressing to more advanced research positions.

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Organizing Institutions

Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics

Advanced Institute for Cosmology, Mexico


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